Mahsha & Marjan Vahdat - Songs From a Persian Garden


This CD caught my eye for whatever reason, and the music ended up being an incredible surprise. Two Iranian sisters recording with a live ensemble of musicians from different countries. Musically, it nearly sounds like two Sade clones singing side by side, with a subtle and sensitive group of musicians. At the risk of sounding cheesy, it's really intoxicating, and the songs oscillate between major and minor keys, which yields an amazing push-pull effect.

The liner notes were interesting:
"As a part of the attempt to localize the evil of the world, a reduction to a state of stupidity, the US administration has burn marked Iran as an enemy to the West, and a deliverer of terror and fear. This distorted picture of a rich culture bearing people is rarely corrected. It is a paradox that Iran, this garden of beauty and poetry, this pressure cooker of love, is regarded as the most dangerous enemy of the West."

It also criticizes Iran's policy of forbidding women to sing in public, but also notes that women in this country of "70 million people will not stop singing whenever they can."

Them singing live:

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