Women- Public Strain


A friend turned me on to Women's "Group Transport Hall," which i covered for a performance about jeggings. The song is really great-- weird, wobbly, beautiful, and catchy.

Public Strain could be described that same way. It has that uncanny element to it, where you recognize and don't recognize the music. It goes from sounding strident to blissful, and makes me feel like i'm underground looking at cathedrals when i listen to it. I read that it felt more like an "album" than most cds, and sounds best (*surprise surprise) when listened to on headphones. If you play it through speakers at work, like i did, people will just glare at you.

Recommended for fans of Deerhoof and Slowdive or Aaron Martin. *A disclaimer: it took at least 3 listens for me to really like this, which I think is a sign of a great album. One of my favorite discoveries of this new year.

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Steve Lafreniere said...

This is an album for the ages. Actually both of Women's albums are absolute classics that future generations will come to love and appreciate. I got to see them twice, including the show before they broke up (in a fistfight onstage, I've read!). Really too bad they won't be releasing any more music, as astonishing as theirs was.

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