Bob Marley, Pete Tosh, and Bunny Wailer- Trenchtown Days: Birth of a Legend


Okay, now before you go lighting that 7am "cigarette," I am going to cut you off and say that Bob Marley, Tosh, and Bunny started their career as a vocal trio singing what was between ska and doo wop. And for all the haters--You might think you hate reggae, but I still invite you to give this a listen.

And also-- 7am "cigarette"? Shame on you.

The sound here is closer to the American 45, and Bob is one of three voices. I prefer that. The songs are about breakups, partying, dancing, and of course the classic "One Heart." Though here, it sounds more like a song the Flamingos would sing. Here, Marley sounds more like Sam Cooke than the he did on Exodus or Burnin'. All the songs are also really solid-- sweet and a little bit pungent.

You'll notice that I give album credit to all three boys and not just megalomaniac Marley. Tosh and Wailer should get some credit for making this sound so nice, before they were sidelined by Bob's ego.

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