Petra Haden Sings: The Who Sell Out


Best known for playing in The Rentals and That Dog., singer/violinist Petra Haden recorded an acapella version of The Who Sells Out on an eight track recorded (borrowed from Mike Watt). ...Um... I don't know if i really need to describe any further.

I love how she removes a lot of the Who's theatrics to reveal this tender counterpoint to the original version. It's definitely goofy, but also really pretty in parts. I recommend alternating listens of this version with the original just to get an idea of her sense of humor.

The best part might be her interpretations of all the commercials, though i still prefer her version of "Tattoo You," which makes it sound eternal and gorgeous. I love that shift in thought from "How gorgeous" to "How ridiculous!" Bravo, Petra.

Watch Petra (plus nine other women) sing "I Can See For Miles:"

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henry said...

You're killing me with this blog. Some of my best friends are your blog. What can I say? I'll be back.

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